Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flashbacks To A Time Well Spent

Today, I'd like to share some pictures from a trip most of my family (including extended relatives!) took to Canada a few months ago. 

Meet my cute little cousin Adam. He is the older brother of a set of twins! I didn't have a solo picture of his little brother, Aaron, but here he is pictured below next to another person we met on the Rocky Mountain bus tour:

Aaron pays high attention to his image, and was not satisfied with the way this picture came out. So, he had me retake the picture while he struck a cooler pose:

I am coooool~

Regardless, I thought he looked cute in the first one, so I uploaded both. Haha. Perks of being the older cousin. ;) On a side note, Aaron is actually taller than his older brother, but Adam is definitely more mature. I miss them both so much~!

This is another one of my cousins, Katherine (like you, Katie! ^_^) She's extremely cute and absolutely LOVES taking silly pictures. All of the other little cousins collectively hail her as the "Gandhi" of facial expressions. I love this little kid <3 

There were two other cousins who came on the trip as well, but I am sadly lacking pictures of them... I will be sure to share as soon as I get my hands on some. ^_^

While up in the mountains, we ran into a couple of wild goats. They were sooooo cute!!! >.<

A not-so-stellar picture of Lake Louise. My iPhone just couldn't capture the amazingly unique hue of the lakewater. Oh, well~... *hums "Lake Louise" happily*

And to finish up, some pictures of the beautiful scenery in Canada. Absolutely breathtaking.

Thanks for reading- I love you guys :) Have a good night, everyone~ <3

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